Insolvency Practitioner and Business Recovery Services

Michael Chamberlain established this niche practice as an insolvency practitioner after having spent over a decade within the big four global accounting firms, providing advice to individuals and businesses in financial distress. He is a Chartered Accountant and Licenced insolvency practitioner with of over 20 years experience in both routine and complex rescue cases. Chamberlain and Co have been in business since 1998 and have built a strong team of highly experienced and passionate individuals.


Business Recovery Services

Chamberlain & Co. are an experienced insolvency practitioner well versed in advising businesses on the best course of action when they are experiencing financial distress. We will discuss your situation in detail and then provide you with financial distress advice pinpointing the most beneficial plan possible to ensure a positive outcome from any scenario. Throughout the site you will find information on the various outcomes available, including bankruptcy, business rescue, liquidation, company dissolution and receivership.



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We are  focussed on the SME and owner-managed businesses, offering direct support to the shareholders with business rescue activities such as refinance, restructure, Company Voluntary Arrangement , Administration , Pre-pack Administration or Liquidation - with or without a restart.


Personal Financial Services

Often in conjunction with business financial distress the directors own financial circumstances will be under strain, due either to being unremunerated for a period of time or through taking out personal borrowings to support the business. Our track record in solving businesses and personal financial worry is second-to-none, with our holistic approach to the issues that arise at both a personal and business level.  


Our Ethos and Track Record as an Insolvency Practitioner

As we are one of the few insolvency firms that has high-end niche expertise in both personal and business financial distress situations, we are able to solve both situations in harmony, hence providing a seamless one-stop solution to people who have business and personal financial problems.

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